Very slow performance and other questions

  • Last Post 22 March 2017
mikip posted this 23 January 2017


I have been looking for a WCM/Portal framework for a while. YetaWF looks interesting. I have downloaded the installer and got the default site up and running but have some questions:

1) The site is extremely slow (Yes, I am running in debug mode) - Each click takes nearly 20 seconds to load a page - Is this something you are seeing too?

2) If i wanted to extend the User to add other properties, what steps would I need to go through?

3) Is it easy to add a skin moment). If I purchased a bootstrap theme, would it be easy to integrate it?

4) I need to build some modules to maintain some DB tables. What's the best way to develop these?

5) I need to build some modules to access another service using REST - Again, any tips on this?

Thanks in advance for any help


ForumAdmin posted this 22 March 2017

1) 20 seconds is ridiculously slow. This should be MUCH faster.,, run much faster, so there must be some other reason you're seeing such poor performace. We did run into some problems over time with poor performance. You can find some info at

2) Extending User is not really recommended. Instead add a new dataprovider with info for a user (see 3) and 4) below). You can get the user Id for the logged on user from Manager.UserId. If you look in Manager.cs you'll see additional user specific info in that area of the code.

3) We have a BusinessCasualSkin that's included which is an example that does that. You can create a new project in your YetaWF solution (Add New Project, select .NET Framework 4.6.2, select Visual C# > YetaWF Project). Then add a New Item, look for Visual C# Items > YetaWF BootstrapSkin. These are both (project and item) templates that set things up for you. Once added, customize with your purchased skin. (We still have to add documentation for these templates).

There is some VERY basic doc at

4) There is an Item template under Visual C# Items named "YetaWF Browse/Edit/Add/Display Module Set With DataProvider". This will create all necessary mdoules to add, edit, display, delete browse data from your (SQL or File) dataset. YetaWF does not use EF, btw.

5) Same, module templates above should get you close.